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I'm a professional photographer/artist living in Houston, Texas and I teach at the Houston Center for Photography. In my photography, I primarily shoot editorial, dance, portrait and documentary based work. I also draw and paint various things. I was recently named one of Houston's Top "100 Creatives" by the Houston Press.

All work on this blog is my original work. I don't repost. I use this blog as kind of a running train of thought about my work. Take a look at my website to see my portfolio: Lynn Lane Photography

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Things I see…
Bart Maloney working away at Big Kat’s.

Photographer: Lynn Lane

Joe Stitch relaxing on break….

Photography by: Lynn Lane

Two friends talking during break from cutting hair…

Photography by: Lynn Lane

I am truly honored to have been profiled today by Houstonia Magazine for my work. Take a look at the interview and photos to see a bit more about me, my work..and probably some things you might not know about whom I am.

Cirque du Soleil
Houston, Texas 

Photographer: Lynn Lane

My two person show opens this Friday at Fresh Arts Gallery. It’s going to be quite a show. If you are in Houston, Texas come out and say hi! I’ll have 21 photos in the gallery.


Here are a couple of photos from my lastest post in my ongoing project: Street Anthropology: Understanding the World Through Photography. Today I spent my afternoon with a group of live action battle players getting to see a little inside of their world. This series shows a little of the action that I witnessed and some of the people whom I met. Truly a fascinating group of people with a huge passion for their game.

To see the full post go to: A Day of Dagorhir Battles in Houston

Photographer: Lynn Lane
*Shot on my Fuji X100


Here’s a short story in photos about a group of fishemen that fellow photographer Carrie Courtney and I met out on a jetty in Galveston on Friday. They were super nice guys with some really large fish in their buckets. Part of my ongoing “Street Anthropology” project. These photos were all shot on my Fuji X100, a wonderful camera for Street Photography.


Today I spent the day driving all around Houston and then out to the coast in search of a story to capture. What I found was the story of human interaction as viewed as a voyeur from behind. The distance that occurs with sound being muffled by the crashing of waves became intriguing to me. When people couldn’t talk or hear each other very well, their proximity seemed to drift. It was a peaceful day of observation.

Photographer: Lynn Lane
*shot with my Fuji X-Pro 1

Probably my favorite place in Houston to have a coffee is at Double Trouble. It’s half bar/half coffee shop so the crowd is always interesting during that sift between the caffeine crowd and the boozing crowd. I often find myself sitting in there talking to the baristas/bartenders about what all is happening that day and each time that I do, I always love the conversation that I walk away with. The topics range from how they ended up in Houston to why they have certain tattoos on them. The flavor of the patrons is equally as enjoyable because Double Trouble happens to reside on one of my favorite blocks in town, Mid Main. I’m never without one of my cameras and on this day I had my Fuji X-Pro 1 with me. These shots are from a little time spent having coffee and listening to the stories of those around me. Some conversations I took part in and some I just listened to and enjoyed the tall tales that were being spun.

ReGifting Lions Cast During Rehearsal Dancer Lindsey Sarah In A Funny Moment Choreographer: Catalina Molnari Studying the Rehearsal Dancer: Lindsey Sarah Dancer: Ali DiNunzio Dancer: Roberta Paixao Cortes Lighting Designer: Kris Phelps Taking Notes During Rehearsal


These photos were shot today during the rehearsal of our new dancework: “ReGifting Lions, a collaboration between three choreographers: Catalina Molnari, Toni Valle and myself, Lynn Lane. We have original music being composed by George Heathco and six incredible dancers who help tell our stories of ‘Survivorship’. This work premieres in October in Houston, Texas. All photos were shot on my Fuji X-Pro 1 with a Fuji 35mm lens.

Photographer: Lynn Lane


Stop by Big Kat’s Tattoo and Barbershop today to get a bit more trimmed off by Houston’s number one barber, Bart. I love this place because of the really cool vibe that it has and I always get a great cut. After my cut, I shot a few shots before heading back to the studio to work. Bart was sweeping up the hair from my cut and Joe was working on another guy’s head.
*Shot on my Fuji X-Pro 1 with a Fuji 50mm lens.

Photographer: Lynn Lane

Double Trouble Bar and Coffee Shop Double Trouble Bar and Coffee Shop Double Trouble Bar and Coffee Shop Double Trouble Bar and Coffee Shop Double Trouble Bar and Coffee Shop Joe at Big Kat's Tattoo and Barbershop Angela of the Kat's Meow


Today was my birthday and I took time to myself to reflect and relax this morning. These photos are a few of the people that I saw along the way. I got my haircut at Big Kat’s Tattoo and Barbershop and then headed over to Double Trouble for a couple of Flat White’s (a non-alcoholic coffee drink that is incredible!). All of these photos are shot on my Fuji X-Pro 1 with a Fuji 50mm f1.4 lens.

Photographer: Lynn Lane


Today I took a little time to myself and hit the road. I found a small little horse stable out in the middle of nowhere where I met a truly gentle soul who was recovering from open heart surgery from a heart attack last year.

He’s been working with this stable for 12 years but isn’t able to lift anything anymore because of his heart. He told me that he is at these stables 7 days a week/365 days a year and loves every minute that he’s there. He was very shy but no matter where I went he wanted to be there and chat with me but avoided the camera. There were few other workers in there as well but mostly I sat and chatted with him. It was a perfect day to think and try out my new Fuji X-Pro 1. All of these were shot using the 18mm lens.

Photographer: Lynn Lane


Casual encounter by a grandmother and her grandsons with theater royalty at Theater Day in Houston today.

Photographer: Lynn Lane
Shot on Fuji X100.

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