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I'm a professional photographer/artist living in Houston, Texas and I teach at the Houston Center for Photography. In my photography, I primarily shoot editorial, dance, portrait and documentary based work. I also draw and paint various things. I was recently named one of Houston's Top "100 Creatives" by the Houston Press.

All work on this blog is my original work. I don't repost. I use this blog as kind of a running train of thought about my work. Take a look at my website to see my portfolio: Lynn Lane Photography

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Houston Grand Opera

Photography: Lynn Lane

Work in Progress: Finally getting a bit of time to work on this 16”x20” watercolor of an abandoned gas station on the East Side that I started last weekend. I made some progress today. It’s been a crazy busy week but I’m going to try to finish this tonight after I finish teaching.

Finished little 7”x9” watercolor/pen and ink study today of a donut shop outside of Houston.

Work on Progress: Made some progress tonight on this 16”x20” watercolor of an abandoned gas station that I began this weekend. Still quite a lot to do but I’m happy with how it is coming along. I’m experimenting with a few new ideas in this one.

Quick sketch of a couple of people having coffee outside at Inversion…

Sketching this tree whilst I sit and have coffee…tried to use a little coffee to color with but it was too watered down because of the half and half I put in it….

Things I see…

Quick few minutes sketch of two guys at Doshi coffee shop working on their computers…

Lunch break at Doshi coffee shop in the Third Ward doing a few quick sketches of people hanging out to clear my head…

"Das Rheingold"
Houston Grand Opera 

Photographer: Lynn Lane

"Das Rheingold"
Houston Grand Opera 

Photographer: Lynn Lane

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

Elliot Erwitt

Things I see…

Finished my little 11”x17” prismacolor pencil drawing that I started last night. It was fun using a medium I hadn’t used for years. I love the ability to build lots of layers of varying colors to create volume.

Worthless cat try to play his card at hanging out with my work in progress. Stupid cat…

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