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I'm a professional photographer/artist living in Houston, Texas and I teach at the Houston Center for Photography. In my photography, I primarily shoot editorial, dance, portrait and documentary based work. I also draw and paint various things. I was recently named one of Houston's Top "100 Creatives" by the Houston Press.

All work on this blog is my original work. I don't repost. I use this blog as kind of a running train of thought about my work. Take a look at my website to see my portfolio: Lynn Lane Photography

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A study of a Rodin sculpture that I drew today whilst sitting at the Cullen Sculpture Garden in my new sketchbook. Always interesting to see what one’s first drawing in a new one will be. This was mine…

Quick sketch of this fire extinguisher at Doshi Coffee House in Third Ward of Houston with pen and ballpoint pen.

Quick sketch during breather from editing photos to give my eyes a break from the computer…

Sketch of guy sitting next to me at breakfast today…this is in my little 3.5” x 5.5” pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Little self explanatory sketch in my pocket Moleskine.

Sketch of “Broken Obelisk” at the Rothko Chapel in my pocket Moleskine from today.

Quick little sketch in my pocket Moleskine of a group of people across the park having a picnic.

Sketch of my coffee cup from brunch today…

Sketching people from behind this morning…

Here’s a photo that I shot for Karen Stokes Dance recently to promote their new work: “Dance, Film & Conversations” based on the history of the ship channel in Houston, Texas.

Photographer: Lynn Lane

Quick sketch of man sitting across from me at breakfast this morning. He was quite odd and never took off his sunglasses.

After a long day of meetings, photography and location scouting, I decided to unwind tonight and do a little sketch in my pocket Moleskine.

Waiting for the rain to stop so I can head home, I just sketched this man sitting across from me at Doshi in my little pocket Moleskine.

Starting the day out sketching a bit before delving into lots of photo editing for clients. I sketched the guy on the right last night and the one on the left this morning. The guy on the left was at Doshi and the guy on the right at Canvas…just a couple of loose drawings in my little pocket Moleskine.

Loose sketch from this evening at Doshi. This guy never looked up at all. He was deep in thought so I quickly zipped out a little loose sketch of him.

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